Oh my goodness, I was on the other side of the camera and I felt your pain about the age old question, what do I wear?  How do I dress, what do I dress my children in, what shoes do I wear, my hair my make up…. How am I going to get my husband to co-operate?

Confession time, I always thought that by saying wear what you want I was being kind, I wasn’t. I’m sorry. Geez even when I was told what to wear I still don’t know.  (Typical woman hay)

I really want to help now, because I have been there.

So here are some tips just for you.

Be comfortable!  This is key, if you are not a high heel type of gal, don’t wear them.

Now here is a question, what do you want these images for? To print for your walls?  For a book?  As gifts for your family?  The reason I am asking is this will have a huge impact on the location you pick (we will leave that for another post) and how you dress for your images.  If you have a beautiful country chic styled home, your images will more than likely be in a field, or a forest with pastel colours or reds or yellows that will contrast against the grass.

If you are in a very structured modern angular styled home, your images will probably be strong dramatic pencil skirts and stilettos.

I like to suggest the following to my clients for their outdoor sessions:-

Pick complimentary colours

No, you don’t have to all wear the same colour

Try shades of blues

Yellows and blues together

Try to stay away from very bold patterns, they distract you from your images.

Try to not wear big logos, they too become distracting and they can seriously date your images.

And then there is Google, good ol Google, they have some fantastic images of what to wear they have put some really awesome combinations together for you.  Ill post some links below.

what to wear to my family photo shoot

Meet one of my awesome families, the yellows this amazing mom chose worked perfectly with all her men dressed in the blues, she looked stunning all bright and in contrast to the blues and it suited her personality to absolute perfection.  She is the heart of her family for sure!

And look at this stunning pallet of colour, soft gentle whimsical so perfect for who they all are…

I really hope this helps you, if you have questions, ask away!  I would love to try and assist you.

Have a goodie, and chat soon.


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