It turns out my children are RAINBOW BABIES.  Do you have a Rainbow baby?

Have you ever heard the term Rainbow baby?  If not let me tell you what it refers too.

A RAINBOW BABY is a term used to describe a child born after a child is lost.

Why Rainbow Baby?  Because a rainbow follows a storm and symbolizes hope for what is to come.

I consider both my children to be rainbow babies, their sister was born first and sadly due to the Rhesus syndrome, she passed away shortly after her birth.  There are no words to describe that devastation….  If you have ever experienced the loss of a child, my heart bleeds for you, and I understand your pain. The butterfly in my logo, that is for her. She is my butterfly and my chidren help me transform every day finding the beauty in life.

Now, I have these 2 incredible children that I get to hug every single day, I get to photograph them and document every milestone of their lives, I am creating their legacy for them, i am creating their story for them that they can one day show their children and their grandchildren, I am creating photographs that will outlive us all.   They are the pot of gold that came with my rainbow.

When did you last have professional photographs done of your beautiful children?

When last were you in a photograph with your beautiful children?

They are gifts to treasure!  And they LOVE you!  Create those memories, it will be the best thing you do for them and for you!

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