There is always something so amazing about working with the right people.  People who speak your language, who see the world through the same coloured glasses and who can translate that into tangible real life events.

This shoot was inspired by a dress, Melissa, a remarkable designer and creature of sensational creations, had a vision and she, armed with a hot glue gun and sparkles created this!  She had a vision and she went with it, calling on the expertise of another incredible Melissa, who is a master with make up, (she has a gift in enhancing, and bringing out the beauty in things and in people)

Melissa Saw the vision and did flawless make up on out beautiful model.

Nothando, who has never modelled before or had a professional shoot before, took direction beautifully, she was a natural in front of the camera and loved every minute of the shoot, as did we all.

I love it when a team and a plan come together….

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