I am always surprised at how we handle achievement.  It is so easy to moan and complain especially about our lives our children, how tough our boss has been on us ( I am my boss, so extra pressure there), we find it so super easy to bitch moan and complain about everything and anything, why?

We are seen as boastful when we share our achievements which is just ridiculous, now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand how some blow their achievements out of logical proportions, and thankfully we are able to see straight through all of that.

But I want to ask you to start sharing your achievements, I am proud of you and what you have accomplished, I am happy for you and I celebrate with you and I celebrate YOU!

Well done, you are awesome and you DO deserve this.

Here is mine, I was chosen to be featured in a modelling magazine and one of my images that I took of this fantastic model was selected to be featured in their magazine as well, I am proud of that, for myself, for the models that I was able to create that exposure for them and for my business that I work so hard in.  I am really proud of this accomplishment.  Not only for being published but for stepping out of my fear and submitting!

So share, please share, just pop your achievements in the comments and let me celebrate you!

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