Hair, makeup confidence boost, feeling great, gorgeous and glamourous, you are worth it!  You do deserve it! If you ever needed validation and someone to tell you it’s ok and you can, that is what I am doing for you right now!

What am I talking about?

I had my photograph taken.  Being the photographer, it is extremely unusual for me to be in front of the camera, but I did it and it was fabulous.

I was generously given a voucher   for a treatment and style so we combined everything together on a set date, and made the magic it all happen.

My appointment was with Bianca from Craik Spiers here in Hilton, it was so great meeting her and chatting to her, Bianca was friendly but on point professional, it was a great experience, she was informative without being all pushy and happily answered all my questions, knowledgably and patiently….. I ask many many questions.

My wonderful friend Melissa, Crisp Concepts, then came over to The Studio and styled the outfits we were going to use, and worked on my makeup.

For those who don’t know, Melissa is an image consultant, she provides colour analysis and body analysis so that you can always make sure you are presenting your best self to everyone you come into contact with.  Trust me, when you are feeling really great about how you have put yourself together, you are able to give more to the day, its quite incredible.

Between Melissa and I, we photographed, we laughed, we squealed, and had good old FUN.

I felt good, I felt powerful, I felt, pampered, I felt elegant, I felt like a lady, I felt liberated and energised.  My confidence levels went way up and I felt lighter because I was happy and joyful.

It was a truly awesome experience that has left me on a beautiful little high and I have images to enjoy and use, for my website, for all my social media and for my marketing.

I want this experience for you, I mean that, I want this for you, because you do deserve it!

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