Please tell me this happens to you too….

I have read so many books, watched so many online videos, done more online courses or tests than I can count and then BAM two in the morning or 4 in the morning it all comes together… or something small and tiny becomes the biggest OOOOHHHHH SO THAT’S HOW IT WORKS moment.  Does that happen to you?  I can’t be the only one?

Case and point, So one of the massive road blocks in my life and business, has been trying to get it all done, trying to find the time to make it all happen, so I read, watched listened.  I got the apps and did the work, but it all just didn’t work.

Until it did.  This is how I made it work for me, let’s see if I can make it work for you too.

I love colour and I like to see things written down, on paper.  And yes I am big on recycling.

So I took my page a day diary, and my coloured pens and started top play, and it worked!  I was so freaking excited!

I jumped in and started and I have managed to refine it to this:-

On Sunday evenings with my glass of wine(or water or grapefruit spritzer) I take my red pen and fill out everything that I can’t change in the week and I slot those must do’s into their appropriate time spaces. 

  • Taking the boys to school
  • Fetching times
  • Sport fixtures and practices
  • My training (I run and I follow crazy  but fantastic Shaun T training systems)

Once those are all in, I know what needs to be done during that week, I know the shoots I have to edit, I know how long they generally take me to do, so I slot in 1-2 hour slots of editing, using a different colour.

I also have my Facebook Marketing clients that I work with so I pop them into their relevant spaces and dedicate time to them, again this is done in a different colour.

I love using colour it really helps me see things easier.  Because I have thins all written down and time framed to beautifully, I’m not spending unnecessary…. Let’s cut the BS, I’m not spending PROCRASTINATING time scrolling social, I have a goal, I have a plan and everything is in very do-able chunks.  Best part is, now it actually gets done, and I can go to sleep at night without that heavy feeling.  I sleep feeling quite proud of myself that I managed to achieve so much that day.

It is fun and it is easy, you can design your schedule on a Friday afternoon if you want your weekend totally free?

Now for some shopping links….

If you are wanting a Diary – they are everywhere Bargain Basket has some great ones and some great prices, they also have coloured pens for R22

And I get my organiser refills there A5 is R60

I found some STUNNING classy A5 organisers at PNA yesterday, Liberty mall at not so bad prices, you can also find these online, I have seen some on WISH.

Give it a tryJ 

P.S.  I was taught the trick of adding manageable time chunks to to-do’s by my life coach, she taught me that if you just start with 15 minutes assigned to that one (I have been putting it off for ever, because I don’t know where to start) to-do, even if you just stare at it for 15 minutes a day, something will change…you will be amazed.

Desrae is super awesome if you want her number, I will pass it on happily, she is amazing at what she does.

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