Our babies grow older and outgrow toys and clothes,

We then decide to sell these items through Facebook and the like,

So in this tutorial Ill sow you some super simple ways to get great images of your, for sale items.

You will need:-          A chair with a back

                                    A white tablecloth/ pillowcase/ curtain/ bedsheet/ piece of fabric

                                    A window

                                    The item for sale

                                    Some form of camera, I’m using my phone for this tutorial

Place the chair at the window, facing the window to make use of the daylight.

Not in direct sun because it will create nasty harsh shadows.

Try to avoid taking pictures under your bedroom light that can turn the pictures strange colours, and because of “not enough light”  that can make the images look like sand has been poured on them, this is called grain, and happens in dark environments when your camera has to work extra hard

When you take the pictures create different angles and views of the item for sale.

Then make it pretty, add your pricing and post away.  

Happy Selling.

P.P. Squiff is not for sale, he only acted as my perfect and gracious model for the day.

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