How do I become a model?

I have this question asked so many times, but beautiful people, I am just the photographer…

So this is what I did for you.  I went to an expert and asked their advice, our expert is Brendan Mitchell from MODEL DYNAMICS a Durban based modelling agency that I have had the privilege of working with in my photographic capacity.  This is the advice MODEL DYNAMICS gave me, for you.

Since it can seem to be very overwhelming to some people when they decide they want to become a model, we are going to get you off to a good start by telling you how you can get started in your modelling career.

Here are 10 Steps we have compiled to guide you along your way:

1.           Join a Modelling school

2.           Join a Modelling Agency

3.           Get started on creating a Modelling Portfolio

4.           Determine what kind of Model you want to be

5.           Make time for your Modelling Career (work on yourself)

6.           Get yourself photographed   

7.           Enter Competitions / Pageants

8.           Go on castings

9.           Land the Job

10.         Keep Progressing and Moving forward

Item six is my area of expertise, I know how to pose you light you and photograph you so make sure you book your portfolio session with me Ashleigh Wegener Studio, and have something magnificent to use in your pageant entries, your casting and to potential schools and agencies.  We will cover how to prepare for your photo session in a future article.

So give Brendan a call and head over to MODEL DYNAMICS page to get in contact with them and start your fantastic career in modelling.  And thank you so much Brandon for you help with the information for this article, so very appreciated

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