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I am so not a fan of waking up early, I really am not, I don’t like it1 BUT, every now and again its inspiration that wakes me, and trust me when I say, I try to fight it, I argue, I pout sometimes I even swear it at, but thankfully my little muse is as stubborn as I am and she wins.

That is exactly what happened this morning, so here I am, pink unicorn onesie, coffee and a wine glass of water… just because its early doesn’t mean I can’t still feel classy,….

PLUS my 3 month goals are planned out starting in January! 

How awesome is that! 

Im so happy and excited about it that I want YOU to be as happy and excited about it, so I am going to tell you how I did it and you can do it too.

Can I just state up front, you really don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning for this, leave that to the crazies, like me.

Have you ever sat down and written a list of what you want? 

What you really REALLY want?

Considering its Christmas, write your letter to Father Christmas and tell him exactly want you want, from the new pair of shoes to the freedom to have your hair done professionally as often as you want. 

Sounds easy hay….. it’s not.  There is a rather odd way to do this that makes it easier, make a list of everything you really DON’T want, and the opposite of the don’ts is what you do want.

Start there, and really play with that list, stare at it, look at it upside down, think about it when you are cooking or running or in the shower, and you will see what your true heart desires are.  When that is done you can start planning, because you now know what you are going to be working towards

I mean, seriously, if you think about it the timing of this is pretty blooming perfect, who doesn’t have big goals, dreams, ideas, resolutions for a new year,   but how many fall short, and never happen making us feel icky.

There is a very easy way to fix this, all you have to do is create a new habit, habits are easy, its easy to get into the habit of watching your favourite Gilmore series, or hitting the snooze button or having chocolate after supper you can come up with  hundreds of easy habits.  So come up with a fun habit that will get you closer to your goal.

I LOVE Christmas movies!  But I have so much work to do and I need to train because I really want to stay fit and healthy, (cameras get heavy) so here is a habit I have designed for myself, I sit and I work for an hour or two, then, with one of the movies on, I pull out my mini trampoline and I bounce for 15 minutes.  And repeat a few more times.  And BAM  I have fitted in 4 hours of editing, a Christmas movie or two and 45minutes to an hour of training.   See how easy that was. 

Christmas shopping…. My mom and I managed over 11000 steps getting our Christmas shopping done the other day.

There is always a way.


Pop that new habit in your planner and dedicate small doable amounts of time to it. 

Well done, now you have clarity and you are on your way to fun new habits.

There is all sorts of other goodies you can do to make goals stick, but ill cover those another time, lets just get them out of your head and into a tangible easy to follow form first.

Brainstorm baby.  Write down every goal you have, every dream and every change you want to make.

That is step one.

This can be a List,

A mind map

Coloured words on the back of a desk blotter calendar page.

Just get them all out.

Ready for step 2?

Take a pen or a highlighter,  start making them off so that you end up with 5.

5 goals that you really want to get sorted and started in the next 6 months.

Circle or highlight these to five because it is fun, circling stuff is fun.

Turn over the page, re-write those there.

Of those 5 what three can you start in the next 3 months?

You know what to do…  write those babies down.

Now in month one two and three, you need to write down some easy to do steps that you can take to make sure those goals are underway. Nothing huge, little manageable steps, steps you know you can easily achieve 3 times a week, once a week, 5 times a week, every day, the choice is yours

A little example,

Goal :- to eat healthy

Step:- month one – eat healthy on Monday and Wednesday

Step:- month two – eat Healthy Monday Wednesday and Thursday

Step:- month three – eat healthy Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

I know you understand because I know you are serious about this and you are smart, dedicated and determined.

Grab that planner of yours and on those days, write those goals in.

And the last and final step.  When you achieve them!  Congratulate yourself. This is one of the most important steps of all.  You did it!  Make sure you acknowledge that.

How did that feel? 

Im so happy for you!  Let’s do this thing, together, let’s make the year OUTSTANDING, on manageable goal at a time.

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